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"Training today's Martial Art Warriors"

   Master Christian has a no tolerance approach to Martial sports &
        a reality based approach to self defense!

"Baseball, Football & Soccer are sports, Martial arts are not and were never intended to be"
               "Martial sports will get someone seriously injuried or killed on the street!"

Master Christian - Hillsborough Beacon 1995

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Keep the "Art" in the Martial arts & become a Martial Artist not a Martial Sportist!

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Selectively accepting students for 25 years

* Inducted as a ambassador to the Martial Arts in Action Martial Arts Magazine's 'Hall of honors' and awarded 'excellence in teaching Martial Arts 2011'
~ by Board of Directors of Action Martial Arts magazine.

* Inducted as Goodwill ambassador to the Martial Arts in Action Martial Arts Magazine's 'Hall of honors' in 2012'
~ by Board of Directors of Action Martial Arts magazine.



Find out if you're a good candidate for classes by taking the Martial Arts Essence quiz below
Do you have what it takes to live your life and think like a Martial Artist?
This screening questionare will help you determine if Martial Arts is something you want to pursue.
Think about each question and go with your true feeling inside, answer the questions sincerely
and when finished, see your results and reflect on them.

ProProfs - Martial Arts: Find the Essence.. Which will you Choose?


Are you interested in learning Martial arts with Master Christian? Then proceed with the following

A. Thoroughly review the website
B. Write a sincere 'letter of interest' (this is your application for acceptance) for consideration of acceptance into Genshin Ki Dojo.
1. Why are you interested in lessons at Genshin Ki Dojo?
2. What previous training do you or family members have in Martial Arts or Martial Sports?
3. What is your perspective on Cage Fighting? on deceiving others? on Life?
4. What do you do for a living? Student? Working?
5. How do you feel about the philosophy of Genshin Ki Dojo? (review website again)
6. Why Should Master Christian accept you as a student?
7. Make sure you have your Full name, address, your phone number and an email contact.

* making sure your letter has all 7 topics/info above covered and is typed out or printed legibly,
please send it via USPS (United States Postal Service) to the mailing address above.

or you may...

send an email to: classes@GenshinKiDojo.com
The 'letter of interest' must be typed into the body of the email.
Do not attach any documents to your email as it will go automatically into spam and never be seen.
Also note that any fictitious information in an applicant's letter instantly rejects them from the process.
be sincere, it's really very easy to do.

Master Christian will review your application for admittance, and if accepted, will contact you.



Student Testimonials..

"Much of my original interest in Genshinryu was because it was described as holding to traditions,
having roots in various Martial arts
(Karate, Kung Fu, Aikido, etc..) and as being intellectually and physically challenging.
I have come to learn that Genshinryu is indeed all of these things, and more.
It also provides a means for personal development and enrichment beyond the knowledge of self defense.
This is made possible because Master Christian's skill and dedication are only surpassed by his humility and thoughtfulness.
It is hard to imagine having a better guide to help one along the Martial path."

~ Steve P. - Genshinryu - 02/18/2008


"Even with prior experience, continuing my Martial arts training at Genshin Ki Dojo has filled a learning necessity
that’s rarely found at other schools.

Master Christian’s integrity with realistic and enlightening instruction should set a precedent in the Martial arts world.

Studying in the style of Genshinryu has taught me a whole new experience of the Martial way to understand.
It reminds us the importance of both internal and external, having power and control over both body and mind.

Genshinryu is an invaluable art that’s greatly increased my confidence and has also helped me to develop the right attitude
to fully benefit from training in the Martial arts.

One can be led astray of the true essence of the Martial arts if not properly guided, Genshin Ki Dojo teaches this essence.

~ Darius M. - Genshinryu - 02/26/2008


".. These past years have been so grand! I came to your classes scared and fragile, and I now leave with courage,
confidence and a new philosophy on life and Martial Arts.
What you have given me doesn't stop at physical training, but rather extends to lengths that make me
feel honored to have been your pupil. Know that you have changed my life and will forever be thought of as
not only a teacher, but a friend and father to me... Arigato Gozaimasu!"

~ Harry H. - Genshinryu - 6/24/2014


"I have really learned a lot from Master Christian in a short time! He really focuses on trying to help you become a better person and to
master all of the material. I already feel much more confident in my abilities to protect myself.. Thank you Master Christian!"

~ E.C. - Genshinryu - 7/06/2014


"I found Genshin Ki Dojo while searching for a practice that would help me bring balance to my life. I felt very comfortable
from my first meeting with Master Christian. Regardless of my prior experiences in the practice of Martial Arts, In just a
little over a year, I have benefitted from a greater control of body and mind that spills over into all aspects of my life. I believe
that anyone open to learn would feel the same. I have learned much from Master Christian, and although I have been greatly
impressed by his knowledge and skill, even more so I admire his reverence for the true essence of the Martial Arts, as well as
his dedication to their practice, teaching, and his students. I highly recommend Genshin Ki Dojo for anybody interested
in learning realistic self-defense while coordinating body and mind in a peaceful environment devoid of ego driven competition."

~ John B. - Genshinryu - 10/12/2015




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